K (Knit) by Helga Isager *Englische Ausgabe*

K (Knit) by Helga Isager *Englische Ausgabe*

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K (Knit) aims at knitters with only little or some knitting experience. Each pattern begins with a sample, shown in a photo in its actual size. By knitting the sample you will both learn to use some of the techniques used in the actual garment, and it also enables you to check your tension, simply by placing the nished sample on top of the one shown in photo.

At the back of the book knitting instruction with detailed illustrations are found. The techniques used are simple and some of the designs require hardly any nishing. By mixing colours and yarns I have achieved a fascinating melange and untraditional colourways. The designs are classic and simple but as always I have focused on the t.

The 10 patterns in the book are in size s, m l and xl: A cardigan, a jacket, a sweater, a scarf, a hat and light blouses with short or long sleeves.



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