Kate Davies *HAPPIT*

Kate Davies *HAPPIT*

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Do you enjoy making and wearing simple shawls and wraps? Then Happit is for you!

In this new book, Kate Davies introduces you to five of her favourite wrap and hap designs. Exploring a range of different knitting techniques from simple lace to colourwork, each pattern has been carefully created with easy-to-follow directions (including charted and written instructions where relevant) and each design offers a characteristic combination of straightforward knitting together with stylish results. Accompanied by two essays by Kate, and stunning photography by Tom Barr, take your choice from the patterns on offer in this book and you are sure to be well happit.

Featuring: Ottar Hap; Funchal Moebius; A Hap for Harriet; Betty Mouat Cowl; Fantoosh.

Plus: The Remarkable Tale of Betty Mouat

Print book plus complimentary digital download. 

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