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A Year of Techniques

Hier die englische Inhaltsangabe:

We are very excited to bring you A Year of Techniques, the first book from Arnall-Culliford Knitwear!  

Part primer, part pattern collection, A Year of Techniques brings you 12 tutorials to level up your knitting skills, each coupled with a beautiful pattern from a team of world-class designers.  Aimed at advanced beginner knitters and upwards, A Year of Techniques makes all these techniques clear and achievable.  

The techniques covered include: helical stripes, intarsia, pinhole cast on, knitted-on edging, turning a heel, afterthought heels and thumbs, garter stitch grafting, Judy’s magic cast on (both for starting closed tubes, and as a provisional cast on), mastering dominance in Fair Isle knitting, reading cables from charts, short rows, and steeks, with patterns from Jen Arnall-Culliford, Bristol Ivy, Ella Austin, Romi Hill, Rachel Coopey, Ella Gordon, Jim Arnall-Culliford, Martina Behm, Mary Jane Mucklestone, Rachel Coopey, Sarah Hatton, Tin Can Knits and Woolly Wormhead.  

Englische Ausgabe

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