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Carol Feller *Nua Collection Volume 1* 

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The Nua Collection Volume 1 has four patterns designed to complement Stolen Stitches Nua.  

This collection includes a redesigned version of one of Carol's most popular cardigans, Ravi. This is a cardigan that combines a side-to-side short row yoke with a top down body so that you get a beautiful yoke with a well fitted body.  The second pattern is Dangle, which is a large chevron wrap.  The combination of stripes and colours uses a drop stitch feature to create a visual pop.  Finglas Mitts are a fun pair of fingerless mitts that use a biased rib panel on the front and back to create the unique shape of the mitt.  Finally Boherboy is a cowl that comes in 2 versions; either a single colour, subtle textured version that uses knit and purl only or a three colour version that really makes the texture stand out using stranded colourwork.  

Englische Ausgabe

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