Jul Designs *Gesture Lace Stick*


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*Gesture PLace Stick* aus der Gesture Kollektion. 

Aus polierten weißen Messing 

Handmade and hand finished in Indonesia

White Brass

This beautiful lace stick evokes generosity, open-ness, gratitude.  We were inspired by an ancient Chinese hair stick of a tiny open hand and a gesture of the right hand, the 'sweet hand,' from Balinese Hindu culture called "nunas. " The term 'nunas' is used to indicate a courteous and grateful request in the highest register of the Balinese language.  It is the word you use to request holy water, to request a divine gift, and most politely to request something from another person you respect.  It is an open gesture of waiting for the gift of prosperity, of tranquility, of harmony.  It is one of the most beautiful and humble gestures within Balinese social interaction and Hindu ritual practice.  It is a gesture of love and respect.  We have sought to represent all of these ideas at the same time that we have sought to make a universal statement about the lovliest parts of human interaction and to do this beautifully and simply.

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